Woodford Reserve/Love Point Deli Single Barrel Event on 11/18/2016

Our next Woodford Reserve tasting/etching will be the Friday before Thanksgiving, which is Friday November 18th from 4-7 P.M..  The etching machine will be here to customize your bottle for free, and it adds a nice touch to a gift for your favorite bourbon fan (maybe even yourself!!).  The last event will be Thursday December 15th from 4-7 P.M. if you can’t make this one!!

Woodford Reserve Single Barrel Tasting/Etching Event 10/28/2016

Friday October 28th from will be our first tasting and bottle etching for our recently purchased Woodford Reserve Single Barrel.  The bottles include the name of Love Point Deli and KI Maryland on the front, and offer lots of space on the backside of the bottle for a personalized message.  A great gift for a birthday, anniversary, or certainly for a Christmas present!!!  The tasting and etching will be from 4-7 pm!

We will have two more tastings/etchings on the following dates:

Friday November 18th from 4-7 pm and also on Thursday December 15th from 4-7 pm as well.

Jameson's Irish Whiskey

is on sale for $22.99/750ml regularly $25.99.  We also have Jameson 12yr Whiskey on sale for $49.99/750ml regularly $56.99.  Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day Week-end!!

Woodford Reserve Classic Malt

very small allocation of 2 types of limited production Woodford Reserve Classic Malt Bourbon Whiskey is in.  It’s around $100/bottle, but a must have for the bourbon lovers collection!

Last Chance Sale until July 1, 2011

before our “boys and girls” in Annapolis take some more “coin” out of our working class pockets on July 1st!  Some sale prices include:

1.75l Bacardi Light Rum $20.99  Reg. $22.99

1.75l Jim Beam $24.99  Reg. $26.99

1.75l Malibu Rum $20.99 Reg. $23.99

1.75l Tanqueray Gin $29.99  Reg. $34.99

1.75l Dewars Scotch $33.99  Reg. $36.99

1.75l Captain Morgan $22.99  Reg. $24.99

lots of other sales on Beer, Wine, and Spirits.  Prices in effect until July 1, 2011.                                 


Rums on Sale for Memorial Day Week-end

We have got some great feature pricing on some of the most popular Rums for the Blender season including:

Captain Morgan 1.75l:  Sale Price $22.99/ Regular Price $24.99

Bacardi Superior Light 1.75l:  Sale Price $20.99/ Reg. $22.99

Malibu Coconut 1.75l:  Sale Price $20.99/ Regular Price $23.99

Just add Ice and your favorite Mixer!!

Summer Cocktail Season is Here!

Ketel One Ohranj is a fantastic infused Vodka from Holland and was added as the third Vodka to their line-up in 2010 (following regular and Citreon).  Great on the rocks, with a splash of cranberry juice, or use to make top shelf Orange Crushes or Cosmos.  This is a fantastic buy while quantities last!!

Sale Price $29.99/1.75l – Regular Price $42.99

Sale Price $19.99/750ml – Regular Price $28.99